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M&I Systems, Co taking the first step into the European market with establishing company’s office in Austria

Objavljeno: 26.01.2018

Since it was established in 1991, M&I Systems, Co. has grown steadily into a regional market leader in the area of development and implementation of business software solutions and consulting services, which requires broad base of industry knowledge and agility. M&I’s workforce has grown each year, reaching today’s figure of over 160 employees across 5 countries. After 27 years of development and experience, more than 350 successful project,  and several successful projects abroad, we decided it was time that we officially step into wider European market, with opening of Graz office as our first step.

Graz is the center of numerous business incubators that support startups in their search for investors and partner companies for development of new technologies in the field of communications and IOT. With its 4 universities, Graz is one of the largest university cities in Austria with more than 50,000 students coming from different parts of the world. This region has a clear need for digitization, considering the lack of experts and experienced companies in the area of software solutions and organization design.


Since 2017, M&I Systems, Co. GmbH has found its place in this environment. In this market, Austin BFP stands out as our strategic partner, covering all kinds of joint activities, from founding of the company to the involvement in joint projects. Expansion to the European market means growth, new experiences, and new opportunities for M&I Group and as a result, improvement and further development of our businesses and our employees.