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Trade is a specific and highly dynamic activity. The only way to have a continuous, comprehensive and analytical insight into cyclical business flows of trade – from purchase via logistics to retail sale – is through creation of unique IT support that can optimize the entire business. Our software solutions strongly support quick transformations of money into goods and goods into money (M-G-M) in trade operations.

Stock management, logistics capacity management, distribution and sales management are the primary characteristics of ERP software intended for trade. Data warehouse and business intelligence solutions are part of our software offer. They facilitate:

  • In-depth analysis of transaction data
  • Forecasts
  • Ever-necessary segmentation of buyers, that is, consumers

The key characteristics of a good IT solution, which are also the features of our software (ERP and non-ERP solutions), allow for traders to gain a better, simpler, higher-quality and more efficient insight into all transactions at the points of sale. Structural consistency and optimized approximation between supply and demand for commodities, as well as high turnover ratio, represent functional and production essence of our software solutions.

Software solutions of M&I Systems, Co. make it possible for trade organizations to supervise and analyze POS transactions and gain an insight into the structure of POS processes. An analysis of POS processes provides a basis for good forecasting, organization and optimization of trade process. Each trading entity (sector, division, department, mega market, retail store and/or any other trade modality) is “covered” by an appropriate business model for tracking performance, forecasting, What if and other methods and techniques of business analysis.

M&I Systems, Co. has solutions for and a rich experience in the following sectors: