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Our solutions for the education sector are focused on university members, faculties and vocational schools. Faculties and/or vocational schools, as well as all other organizations, implement an appropriate ERP system that is configured to fit the operations and business model of these organizations. Document, business process and business intelligence management system solutions are also developed, useful, required and effectively applicable.

What is specific for high-level education is the EDUCATION Module, whose functions are as follows:

  • Developing and innovating study programs
  • Recruiting, classifying and selecting students
  • Introducing students to the educational process, forming student files and registry records
  • Supporting the organization of teaching activities and student flow tracking
  • Tracking students’ continuous performance, behaviour, progress, and assessing results achieved
  • Terminating the education cycle and providing communication with graduate students
  • Assessing and evaluating the educational process
  • Financing the educational process and handling students’ analytic cards (possibility of fiscalization)

We have also developed and implemented in practice a unique integral university education information system – UNIS.