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Solutions offered by the company M&I Systems Co. are suitable for numerous business activities, industries and public sectors. Everything is based on standardized ERP solutions that are maximally flexible, modular, open, independent, comprehensive, adaptable and created by a team with a wealth of professional experience. Specific features of different sectors and users are inevitable, which is why M&I Systems Co. offers a number of so-called “industrial solutions” implying specificities. Given that we offer many different implementations for different business activities, our offer also includes various solutions for certain segments:

  • Production
  • Trade
  • Service industry
  • Education

Solutions point to industrial specificities as increments of standardized ERP software.



Operations and business processes in production companies have always posed a challenge to software developers. They require flawless software solutions featuring various and productive functions …

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Trade is a specific and highly dynamic activity. The only way to have a continuous, comprehensive and analytical insight into cyclical business flows of trade …

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Service industry


Our rich offer of selected software solutions also includes those intended for the service industry: transportation, hospitality and many others. Users in this sector have …

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Our solutions for the education sector are focused on university members, faculties and vocational schools. Faculties and/or vocational schools, as well as all other organizations, …

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