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Research and development projects

M&I Systems, Co. also renders consulting services to organizations, research teams, individuals (independent researches, PhD and MA theses or any other research) in planning and performing empirical researches.

A team of top experts on the subject, problems and methodology of quantitative, qualitative and mixed researches in the fields of management, marketing, business, organization and information systems (Management research; Business research; Organizational research; Information systems research) will always advise you on:

  • Research project management
  • Selection of the topic, subject and problem of research
  • Formulation of research questions, hypotheses and objectives of research
  • Selection of the appropriate type and design of research
  • Defining of basic data set and sampling for research
  • Selection and preparation of suitable methods, techniques and instruments for collecting data (producing data in the research)
  • Selection of suitable methods and procedures for analyzing data collected through research
  • Design and evaluation of research project
  • Research conducting
  • Analysis of data collected through research using appropriate procedures and computer programs
  • Interpretation of data, results of data analysis and research findings and conclusion drawing
  • Reporting on the research conducted