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Regulation and optimization of business processes

M&I Systems, Co. included consulting services in the domain of BPM (Business Process Management) in its portfolio of services a long time ago. A large number of consultants, with an excellent theoretical-methodological and heuristic knowledge acquired through permanent learning and a vast experience gained through the implementation of many projects, provide these complex and extremely significant services.

The main premise of the job of BPM consultants is to hear clients out, arouse their ingenuity and motivate them to formulate proposals and “invent” ways to improve their processes. At the same time, they are taught a methodology of improving all steps from the idea to the implementation

BPM serves as a driving force of every organization, helping them to achieve strategic goals, develop and boost efficiency. The most common cause of a failure or bad results in the business lies in unregulated business processes. How can we achieve a high financial performance, meet the preferences of our clients and develop intangible assets if we don’t have excellently regulated business processes? Only excellence in the modeling and performance management of business processes guarantees companies competitiveness and sustainable continuous development, and enables them to keep old customers and acquire new ones, optimally manage and preserve both available and new resources and develop intellectual property. The crowning stroke is process performance management using the most subtle and the most reliable methods and techniques of process business intelligence. Therefore, with our competent teams we are seriously engaged in process modeling, qualitative and quantitative analysis, simulation, optimization, business process performance-we work with our clients to develop their process organization model

Expert teams of M&I Systems, Co. use a methodology, platform and ARIS tools, which are today the world’s most prestigious tools in multidimensional business contexts:

  • strategic management
  • performance management
  • business process optimization
  • development of modern process organization
  • implementation of information systems
  • quality management
  • process cost management
  • software engineering
  • service-oriented architectures
  • business and IT integrations-powerful, solid and fruitful

The outcome of BPM projects/services is always rationality. When it comes to such projects, benefits are greater than investment. There are many pieces of empirical evidence for that.

Benefits from BPM implementation:

Reduced costs and higher quality of business process up to 15%
Fewer errors up to 30%
Less time consuming up to 30%
Shorter period of staff training, which automatically cuts costs 10-30%
Fewer internal request for support 15-30%
Reduced number of complaints by users 15-30%
Better forecasting of future situations and planning improvement up to 30%