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In today’s economy, now more than ever, companies seek ways to boost productivity and efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. One of the ways to improve business functions, increase revenues and optimize operations is to outsource IT services, which enables the organization to focus on its own priorities.

Numerous domestic and foreign researches show that the outsourcing of IT services is an excellent way to improve the organization’s agility because it allows for the optimization of key processes through reengineering, simplification and automation.

In the times of harsh competition, outsourcing model does not imply only the reduction of development costs, but also a strategic decision, because the organization entrusts its own investment to the selected outsourcing partner. Therefore, it is very important to make a good choice and find a company that will follow you down the path of your further business development, that understands your needs and offers solutions that support the strategic objectives of your business.

Some of the benefits of the outsourcing of IT services are the following:

  • Cost reduction and business optimization
  • Higher productivity of both employees and company as a whole
  • Focusing on the organization’s core activity
  • Innovative approach to new knowledge
  • Greater competitiveness

Who needs outsourcing and why?

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises wanting a custom-made software
  • Software or consulting companies interested in offshore IT outsourcing
  • Organizations seeking web or business applications that contribute to greater efficiency and higher profits

The M&I Systems, Co. Group offers quality services at affordable prices, latest technological solutions and experienced and highly educated experts with enviable references in the field of outsourcing.

In order to satisfy all your needs, we have prepared several models and methods of outsourcing that will meet all the requirements of your business and the projects you implement. Our knowledge and practice are applied to the development of integral software solutions or the development and implementation of one or more phases of the project.

Outsourcing models

Onsite-offshore model

The onsite-offshore model implies that a team of experts required to implement the project is situated on the premises of the M&I Systems, Co. Group, while the project leader – POM (project onsite manager) is at the client’s address during the criticial phases of development. This model gives best results when we, as the outsourcing service provider, are in the same time zones as our clients (GMT – GMT+2).

Advantages of the onsite-offshore model:

  • Lower onsite costs (transport, accommodation, per diems…)
  • Effective use of the software processes of the M&I Systems, Co. Group
  • Scalability of the main, local team (possibility of replacing team members or increasing the number of people on the team)
  • Easier logistics

The onsite-offshore model benefits from two modes of work through the use of an adaptation of CMMI® IPPD: direct link and onsite work with the client and the expansion of the local software team.

Offsite-offshore model

The M&I Systems, Co. Group offers standard offshore outsourcing projects under which the entire development team is situated on our premises. The offsite-offshore model ensures greater savings and reduces risks by using a good processing model.


The M&I Systems, Co. Group offers its clients a variety of methods on the basis of which it is possible to get all the latest information and have control over the project because transparency is one of the key postulates of every good business. The clients of the M&I Systems, Co. Group get the following:

  • Planning
  • Regular meetings
  • Instant communication
  • Constant monitoring
  • Project assessment and verification


The M&I Systems, Co. Group specializes in software development in three basic technologies:

  • Microsoft group
  • Java group
  • PHP group