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Implementation of ERP and other systems

ERP implementation services represent an important activity and engage the resources of M&I Systems, Co. Resources are engaged on a daily basis in the implementation of our two ERP systems (MIS2Open and MIS4) or SAP projects. ERP implementation causes radical changes in organizations.

ERP is a new technology that changes the composition and aims of the staff, organization’s structure, culture and climate, work values, etc.

There are usually three distinct types of planned changes in the organization, as a result of ERP system implementation:

  • Structural changes
  • Technological changes
  • Changes affecting people

Changes and resistance should be managed for all the reasons listed above. Our project managers and implementation teams pay great attention to the management of IS implementation projects.

Our axiom, a guarantee of success of the ERP system implementation project in this area of consulting, is the synergy of knowledge.

Our experience has shown that the synergy of knowledge is necessary for a successful implementation of an ERP system.

  • Best Business Practice is a TO-BE model designed using the ARIS Platform and EPC diagram. That is the best we can provide for the given industry.
  • Current Business Process Model is a snapshot, the client’s AS-IS model for a process or subprocesses. How is the client’s process currently regulated? What follows here is a workshop discussion with key users about weak points of the process. The consultant should play a bold role of a smart moderator: what can be improved and what can be re-tailored. The consultant “pours out” his hidden knowledge on the basis of what he has learnt from the Best Business Practice model. Therefore, here the foundations are laid for the design of New Business Process Model.
  • New Business Process Model is a TO-BE model of the process; designed as the user would like it to be. An ideal situation is when it matches the Best Business Practice model. But that is often not feasible: the user has no capacity or potential, he or she is stubborn, etc. However, it is important that it is nestled into the Best Business Practice model.
  • Business Process Software Model is a model used to tailor an ERP to deliver to the client against the previous model – New Business Process Model.