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Development of Data Warehouse and Business Inteligence solutions

For as many as 15 years now, the teams of the M&I Systems, Co. Group have been working on DW projects and the development of decision support systems in the business intelligence technology. Our concept is noticeable, explicitly clear and conceivable from a generic model shown below:

BI is a “holy trinity” of:

  • OLAP

Experts of the M&I Systems, Co. Group are truly familiar with that trinity and know how to integrate it into outstanding BI solutions.

Development and architecture of a decision support system (DSS) are based on an analytical database – Data Warehouse, filled with data from numerous operational systems and primarily tasked with maintaining the business processes and rules of the organization. An analytical database stores large quantities of read-only data. It provides an easy, fast, intuitive access and an efficient and effective data handling. Information to be used in decision-making is derived from large datasets quickly and in the manner that fits user’s requests. In cooperation with our teams, organizations build a data warehouse in order to be able at any moment to provide end-users with the information in an appropriate form.

The DW and BI solutions of the M&I Systems, Co. Group, which we build together with a team of users and in accordance with the identified problems in decision-making and information and knowledge needs of users, are characterized by eight important dimensions:

  • Data are separated from the operational business systems of the organization
  • Available to different users
  • Integrated on the basis of the standard model of organization
  • Time-tagged and linked with defined time periods
  • Oriented toward objects, usually on the basis of the “consumer” entity, non-volatile to such an extent that no special updating procedures are required
  • Easily available to users with limited knowledge of computer systems and data structures
  • All BI solutions fit the taste of users of various profiles
  • Solutions are open source, so users alone can expand and deepen their analytical skills

Although DW and BI solutions are built, it is said they are unique (a concrete business model against a concrete BI solution). M&I Systems, Co. Group experts have developed a comprehensive, open and independent solution that any organization can easily adapt and tailor to fit its own needs and requirements and translate into a corresponding, productivist solution for its effectiveness and efficiency. That solution is the BI product: MIS MARS. I&T layer (integration and transformation layer) are filled with data that are easily mapped from any source system. The structure of this layer is so wide and rich that rarely any user fills it completely, so that ETL solution and process are stable and optimized. Every prospective client can implement this solution quickly and under the commercial terms of several suitable different modalities.