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Data Mining

The explosive growth of both amount of data and number of databases in numerous fields of work of individuals in large organizations goes beyond the power of men to process and analyze such large amounts and deposits of data using traditional means, which results in the need for new, different techniques and means for their automatic analysis in available databases.

Our teams use Data Mining techniques and provide exploratory data analysis services to organizations, teams and individuals. What does that bring to organizations having huge collections of data?

An automated analytical process will enable them to discover and extract valuable, “hidden” information from large datasets, the information in connection with new, previously unknown facts and relations required to meet information requirements in business operations. Data Mining utilizes algorithms to detect significant hidden patterns in large datasets, and the interpretation and comprehension of these patterns allow for better diagnosing of the state of affairs, better forecasting and, therefore, better decision making.

Business problems, which you can solve using the consulting services of our highly competent data mining team, are related to the following::

  • Classification – examining the features of entities and separating them into previously determined classes
  • Clusterization – segmenting a heterogeneous set of entities into homogeneous subsets, clusters
  • Evaluation – predicting the unknown values of continuous variables; detecting changes and deviations
  • Detection of the most significant changes in the data from previously measured or normative values
  • Detection of associations – finding items in the transaction that imply the presence of other items in the same transaction

Our team knows the nature, way to create and how to interpret the results of the following Data Mining algorithms:

  • Neural networks
  • Classification trees
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Rough sets
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Nearest neighbor technique
  • Numerous statistical methods