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Corporate management

Consulting in the domain of corporate management is another service offered by M&I Systems, Co. Our team of experts will monitor your operations from the strategy to its implementation and performance management.

Complex activities involved in strategy formulation should include the following processes:

  • Performing an internal analysis of the organization and its interaction with the environment
  • Analyzing, describing, evaluating and predicting changes in (the environment of) the organization:
  1. Analyzing the industry and competitors
  2. Analyzing the organization’s macro environment
  • Setting strategic objectives
  • Identifying, evaluating and selecting appropriate strategy alternatives; for even more complex activities involved in strategy implementation:
  1. Designing a strategy map
  2. Operationalizing strategic objectives
  3. Designing and setting a complex performance management system
  4. Preparing business plans
  5. Implementing a system of controlling – corrective and preventive actions

Support to the complex business process of corporate management is provided by the following appropriate software products::

  • In the strategy formulation phase – DSS MIS STRATEG, a product of M&I Systems, Co.
  • In the implementation phase: ARIS BSC, ARIS STRATEG and MachZone, products of a strategic partner of M&I Systems, Co. – Software AG,as well as our products MIS PLANER i MIS MARS