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podrshkaPost-sales service and support are very important in all industries. They are requested by clients (that is, buyers), who highly appreciate quality maintenance and support services and show their loyalty to vendors accordingly. In the IT sector, maintenance and support are even more important to users because it is necessary that the business environment of clients/users works impeccably 24 hours a day, seven days a week upon the implementation and commissioning of the information system. Almost a third of our company’s staff dedicate their available working hours and knowledge to maintenance services and direct customer care, thus solving the problems and meeting the requests of users on a daily basis.


M&I Systems, Co. provides its clients with a complex and advanced maintenance and support system consisting of four levels of service. The level of service to be provided depends on the type of Service Level Agreement (SLA) the user signs.

First level
First level includes license maintenance, which involves making changes to software products in line with changes in law, fixing reported software errors (so-called patches) and providing up to two new versions of software with additional functions per year.
Second level
Second level includes the first level maintenance and support and additional services.  The client buys as many hours of support in advance as he or she believes to be sufficient.  What is meant under additional customer support is everything that the user “orders” during the time bought, while communication is done through the Service Desk, which is available six days a week, between 8 AM and 5 PM on working days and between 9 AM and 2 PM on Saturday. Communication between the Service Desk and the client is done via phone, email or VPN (Virtual Private Network).
Third level
Third level includes the services mentioned in the first and the second level of support. This level enables the user to negotiate (“lease”) certain number of hours for having additional user requests resolved, new programming solutions designed and/or existing programming solutions amended. The processing of user requests under this package includes the analysis and specification of user requests, their resolving, that is, programming. User requests, that is, programming solutions, can be of the following type: changes in existing documents, changes in existing reports and the design of new ones, changes in the existing prints and the design of new ones, testing, evaluation and the design of manuals.  User requests are delivered to the new version twice a year.
Fourth level
Fourth level inevitably includes the services encompassed by the first and the second level of support, as well as various new requests and appropriate programming solutions, within short term deadlines. This level of support provides the client with the right to his or her “own version of software,” while the deadline to deliver a new request is immediately upon the request processing is done.

Any level of support can also include requests for the development of new functions, which is always the subject of special arrangements defined in special agreements.
The level of maintenance depends on the maintenance agreement, which is prepared and signed mainly after a successful implementation and commissioning of the system. Every client chooses a certain level of maintenance, that is, a certain type of agreement.