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The company M&I Systems, Co. Group has successfully implemented its software products in Serbia and countries in the region. Taking care of the specific needs of every client and offering unique solutions, the company has so far ensured a more efficient, faster and easier work for users in numerous industries, business spheres, as well as government institutions.

The portfolio of clients of M&I Systems, Co. Group includes companies operating in confectionery, baking, wheat processing, meat, textile, construction, wood processing and chemical industries, as well as numerous insurance companies, banks, faculties and media.

Among our prominent customers are also republic and provincial institutions such as the Postal Service of the Republic of Srpska, Beogradske Elektrane, Building Land and Development Directorate of Belgrade, Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce, Elektrovojvodina and others.

M&I Systems, Co. Group is a reliable and trustworthy partner that helps you achieve simple optimization of operations and success at a faster pace.

The successful trust us. Leaders choose us. The best recommend us.