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The need for efficient and effective electronic quality management of all business processes has become an imperative and a precondition for successful operations.

Quality system management can be defined as successful only if it involves automated processes and individual activities, which is ensured with the module MIS QM.

Quality management is a strategic approach to the improvement of business because it represents a significantly broader and more comprehensive approach than quality control.

MIS QM uses various means and methods in the search for continuous enhancement of quality, productivity, flexibility, performance and other important characteristics of an organization.

The functions of MIS QM module, which automates the quality management process, are as follows:

  • Executable production planning
  • Quality management system document control
  • Internal quality management system audit
  • Quality management system evaluation
  • Returns management
  • Vocational education for quality management system
  • Input, in-process and output quality control and laboratory testing
  • Internal and external documentation management
  • Identifying conflicts and corrective measures
  • Certification application forms