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It is well known that a failure in planning leads to planning a failure. Therefore, to plan means to know where to go, what to achieve and which resources of the company are necessary to accomplish the set goals. In addition, each resource of the organization requires a special attention and must be covered by the planning process.

If your company is engaged in production, MIS PLANER is a product of great importance to you because production must always start with planning. We make plans in order to:

  • Satisfy the needs of our customers
  • Achieve the desired organizational performance
  • Provide and develop resources
  • Budget
  • Manage organizational profitability

MIS PLANER is a DSS (Decision Support System) for supporting corporate planning in the context of corporate management: implementation of operationalized strategies, design of numerous integral business plans, controlling, intelligent analyses and reporting, performance management. It is an excellent solution (Advanced Planner & Controller System), fully competitive with similar and widely used software products of well-known manufacturers, but with a certain advantage in terms of price and consulting support provided by experts who have designed and developed this software.

Therefore, MIS PLANER is a tool for the reporting, planning, controlling and performance management system.

  • Plan prodaje
  • Plan cena
  • Plan proizvodnje
  • Plan ljudskog kapitala
  • Plan zarada
  • COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold)
  • OPEX (Operating Expenses)
  • DME (Direct Marketing Expenses)
  • CAPEX (Capital Expenses )
  • P&L (Profit & Loss)
  • BNT (Bilans Novčanih Tokova)
  • BS (Bilans Stanja)

MIS PLANER can be integrated with all existing systems. Being fully flexible and adaptable, it can be mapped onto any existing ERP system through direct mapping onto database tables, indirectly through a predefined IT layer, or by using a service designated by ERP for integration with the outside world. Work with all known databases is supported. It can be installed on any web server and any platform that supports Java technology.