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MIS ORGCAP is a unique software product for managing the intangible assets of the organization and an irreplaceable tool for both successful implementation of business strategy and effective and efficient functioning of the organization. Basic elements of the approach to the management of intangible assets using this product are as follows:

  • Describing and defining intangible assets
  • Adapting intangible assets to fit the organization’s strategy
  • Measuring the level of preparedness of intangible assets for successful implementation of the organization’s strategy

MIS ORGCAP has a structure consisting of several modules:

  • Organization Design
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organization Assessment
  • Payroll Processing

Organization Design

Organization is a system in constant interaction with its relevant ever-changing environment. Therefore, there is no universally accepted form of organization because it depends on a number of internal and external factors pertaining to the organization’s environment – processes and technologies in the organization, data processing in the organization.

The Organization Design module allows for flexible shaping of the organization. The functions of this module are as follows:

  • Setting up, decomposition and description of business process specifications
  • Job design and description
  • Specification and evaluation of job requirements
  • Job evaluation
  • Organizational structure design
  • Job classification

Human Resource Management

The key resource of every company is human capital. Planning, recruiting, hiring and tracking professional development of each individual allow for companies to efficiently manage their most important resource – employees.

This module automates a highly complex and specific process consisting of tens of applications, the final aim of which is to support the management of human resource development.

The functions of the Human Resource Management module are as follows:

  • Analyzing human resources
  • Planning the needs for human resources
  • Keeping records of human resources
  • Recruiting, selecting, deploying and introducing
  • Tracking and analyzing the causes of fluctuation
  • Career development planning
  • Performance management
  • Vocational education
  • Working time utilization
  • Managing business trips
  • Keeping records of and analyzing job costs
  • Protection and safety at work
  • Terminating employment

Organization Assesment

The focus of the problem of organization assessment is organizational capital as the ability of an organization to mobilize and sustain the process of change required to execute strategy. People in an organization with a large organizational capital clearly understand the mission, vision, values and strategy of that organization. An organization with a large organizational capital is strongly led, its performance culture is conformed to the strategy, and information and knowledge within such organization are shared, so that everybody works together and toward the same goal.

The Organization Assessment module is based on the assessment of various perspectives and aspects of organizational capital, and everything that is semantically, logically coherent is subject to assessment. For that purpose, an automated system has been developed. Assessment is done using various scales of measurement of different types. Assessors are both teams and individuals. Through statistical processing and analysis, assessment results are translated into statistical indicators, which represent a reliable support to those making managerial decisions to undertake organizational changes.

The functions of the Organization Assessment module are numerous. Among the most important ones are the following:

  • Assessment and improvement of business processes
  • Assessment of organizational culture
  • Assessment of organizational potential and behavior
  • Assessment of IS
  • Assessment and improvement of the organization
  • Assessment of readiness for organizational learning
  • Assessment of readiness for organizational change and resistance to change
  • Assessment of work motivation factors
  • Assessment of job satisfaction
  • Assessment of performance

Payroll Processing

M&I Systems, Co. offers its clients an application with a variety of features and performances for salary calculation, which automates every known algorithm for calculating salary for any type of work. This software solution developed by M&I Systems, Co. is the leading software of the kind in the region because it provides users with a strong basis for different ways of calculating and evaluating performance, as well as with automated procedures for paying salaries. The system is brought in line with the legislation of all surrounding countries, thus providing support to users in reporting in accordance with the requests of state authorities.
Organizations that use the Payroll Processing module have got a comprehensive, so-called end-to-end solution.

The Payroll Processing module supports the outsourcing of payroll processing for numerous large foreign companies operating in the region. This module is integrated with SAP.