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MIS MARS is a set of numerous analytical applications (Business Intelligence solutions) providing users with various perspectives and aspects of analysis of the organization, its segments and business processes that are crucial for conducting a strategic analysis to set goals, choose the strategy and fullfill them. This integral solution for corporate performance management represents a framework for connecting all products into a whole – it is integrated with systems MIS ERP and MIS PLANER.

MIS MARS enables a continuous tracking of all business activities and processes within the organization, analysis of team activities and reporting on them, measuring of the performance (of the organization, processes, activities) using performance indicators, dynamic, quick and simple detection of deviations of their values from the projected ones. OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) functions make it possible for users to conduct “exploratory” interactive analyses that can provide them with answers to key questions of why the detected deviations occurred and which corrective actions to take. Data Mining analyses in particular provide users with complex, hidden and intelligent solutions as well as extremely valuable and until-then unknown information and knowledge.

MIS MARS is based on Data Warehouse, an analytical database that includes both historical data (5, 7, 10, or even more years old, depending on the organization’s needs) and current data, which is suitable for performing analyses, modelling, forecasting, planning.

MIS MARS has impressive functions.