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When the word ‘documentation’ is mentioned, we immediately think of piles of paper, bulky folders and accompanying lack of organization. The work of many companies is still based on paper documents, which often slows down everyday processes. Tracking, filing or browsing paper documents takes much time and makes the work of employees complicated.

An efficient system for managing documents, such as DMS, allows for an integrated way of working and encompasses all kinds of business documents, regardless of their source or form.

In addition, it also provides a possibility of processing individual documents.

Document Management System consists of the following:

  • Document digitization
  • Document management
  • Records management (COLD – Computer Output to Laser Disc)
  • Workflow management
  • Digital and physical archives

An advantage of DMS implementation is a high level of efficiency and productivity, which ensures:

  • Faster distribution of and access to documents
  • Better transparency of operations
  • Concentration and availability of the company’s intellectual assets
  • Centralization of archives, as well as availability, security and supervision
  • Easier work with clients and decision making
  • Better distribution of work – greater efficiency of operations
  • Greater competitiveness
  • Clients’ satisfaction

DMS will lower your operating costs, thus ensuring:

  • Time saving – no long-lasting document organization, storage and search procedures
  • Shorter response time
  • Less paper in use
  • Less room required for archives
  • Less document copying