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Two decades of successful operations of the M&I Systems, Co. Group have been marked by the development of its own Enterprise Resource Planinng (ERP) systems, business intelligence systems, banking software and specialized software tools for different industries.

The M&I Systems, Co. Group has a rich experience and significant references in the provision of services of business process organization, optimization and performance management.

The M&I Systems, Co. Group has implemented over 150 ERP solutions in Serbia and the region, which provide full information support for the integration of all business processes of an organization.

The solutions of the M&I Systems, Co. Group are developed on an innovative and unique technology ensuring the modularity of products, which guarantees adaptation to users’ needs and changes in the organization.

MIS Business Suite


“MIS Business Suite” integrate all MiS aplications: MIS ERP, MIS BPM, MIS Entersoft CRM, MIS PLANER, MIS BI, MIS Mobile Computing.

  • Manage your operations more effectively and efficiently
  • Optimize business processes
  • Expand up-to-date IT solutions to the entire business
  • Integrate key business processes and business support activities
  • Expand up-to-date IT solutions outside your business
  • Have integrated collaboration with clients, suppliers, partners, employees
  • Manage documents in the most modern way
  • Have a possibility of contemporary strategic planning, managing, analyzing and reporting
  • Have a flexible and open-source system that can be further expanded

„Dress“ business in MIS Business Suite – you will get all this and much more!

MIS Business Suite – business processes

The concept is based on an approach to business process management – BPM, with a large, powerful, integral and consistent database underlying it. The core component of the system is MIS ERP connected with corporate and collaborative components of the unique solution. Products supporting corporate performance management represent an external component of MIS Business Suite.

MIS ERP is a system that, just like any other ERP system, has it all: functionality, performance and characteristics like any other ERP implemented in more than 150 organizations in Republic of Serbia and countries in Adriatic region (BiH, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia).

Corporate software products of the MIS Business Suite integral solution are: CRM, SCM, DMS, SRM.

Collaborative: B2B, B2C, B2E and EAI.

Corporative preformance management is a palette of up-to-date DSS software products that are mainly developed using a business intelligence technology.

Components of the integral solution CPM are sophisticated and unique products: MIS STRATEG, ARIS STRATEGY, MIS PLANER i ARIS PPM.