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sap-m&iSAP and the M&I Systems, Co. Group have been working together in the field of expansion and application of the SAP system for several years now.

It is enough to say ‘SAP’ to have most people think of the company enabling organizations of all sizes and in all industries to optimize their operations using advanced software solutions and tools, thus securing a competitive advantage in the market.

Founded in 1972, SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) has a rich history of innovation and growth as a true leader in the market. Today, SAP has sales and development offices in more than 50 countries. SAP applications and services make it possible for over 183,000 clients worldwide to operate profitably, while constantly adapting and maintaining a sustainable growth.

From the paperwork to the meeting hall, from the warehouse to the store, from computers to mobile devices, SAP enables employees and organizations to work more efficiently together, maximally take advantage of all business prospects and keep track of everyday operations and the development of their business. SAP achieves all these functions by expanding the availability of software to on-site installations, installations on request and mobile devices.