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About Us

M&I Systems, Co. is a privately held company founded in 1991 in Novi Sad. Today, M&I Systems, Co. is one of the leading groups in Serbia and in the region, in the field of consulting services and in the use of information technologies for business purposes. The company’s activities are focused on outstanding consulting services, innovative communications systems, technology services and product development. Partnership with world-renowned companies such as IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Software AG, MicroStrategy, Tagetik, Soffico and Entersoft, enables M&I to quickly follow up with the latest global trends in information technology as well as to have and work on continuous improvements, which will make us a better partner, client and employer.


With its own powerful resources – 160 full-time employees in three countries, a number of consultants from the business world and from various universities, their own physical and laboratory resources, modern technology and numerous partner relationships, M&I Systems, Co. is constantly improving existing and developing new products. The profile of employees include people from the information, economic and electrical engineering fields.


M&I Systems, Co. is part of the M&I Systems, Co. Group which includes companies: M&I Systems, Co. from Novi Sad and Belgrade, M&I Systems from Banja Luka, M&I Systems Gmbh from Graz, TIAC from Novi Sad , Process Intelligence from Split and Doc Dep from USA.