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New M&I Office in Graz, Austria
New M&I Office

New M&I Office in Graz, Austria

Graz is the center of numerous business incubators, one of the largest university cities in Austria with more than 50,000 students coming from different parts of the world and one of the fastest growing regions of Austria. Since 2017, M&I Systems, Co. GmbH has found its place in this environment. More →

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Who are we?

27 years of successful operations have been marked by the development of our own ERP software systems, business intelligence systems, banking software and specialized software tools for different industries, as well as by the provision of business process regulation, optimization and performance management services. More →

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MIS ERP is the best solution for organizing the business in the era of IT society, in the time of new economy, electronic operations, economy of knowledge. Right and timely information secures a good information system. ERP is undoubtedly the best solution. More →

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Regulation and optimization of business processes

M&I Systems, Co. included consulting services in the domain of BPM (Business Process Management) in its portfolio of services a long time ago. A large number of consultants, with an excellent theoretical-methodological and heuristic knowledge acquired through permanent... More →

Outsourcing IT services enables the organization to focus on its core business activities!

Outsourcing IT Services

Numerous domestic and foreign researches show that the outsourcing of IT services is an excellent way to improve the organization’s agility because it allows for the optimization of key processes through reengineering, simplification and automation! More →



Our solutions for the education sector are focused on university members, faculties and vocational schools. Faculties and/or vocational schools, as well as all other organizations, …

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MIS ORGCAP is a unique software product for managing the intangible assets of the organization and an irreplaceable tool for both successful implementation of business …

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Implementation of ERP and other systems

ERP implementation services represent an important activity and engage the resources of M&I Systems, Co. Resources are engaged on a daily basis in the implementation …

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